More Michael Fullan Resources

As promised, here is a list of a few more resources to follow the Ann D. Clark lecture given by Michael Fullan.  I must admit, however, that they have tended to come to me (as opposed to me having to go look for them).

There are two resources currently on StaffnetThe first is this mp3 recording (right-click to download) of the lecture.  I’ve put the link here as it’s now well and truly buried in the system news announcements.  The second is a pdf document on Turnaround schools, Turnaround systems which you will find in a very recent post made on the LC blog.

If you’re after visuals to go with your audio though, I also have something for you.  Fullan gave a presentation on the six secrets of change at the 2007 Scottish Learning Festival.  This presentation is given as an mpeg4 file (perfect for those with video iPods, but you can still play it in iTunes or QuickTime on your computer).

  • On this page you’ll find high and low-resolution files to download, as well as a transcript.

My thanks to Judy O’Connell for bringing the Scottish Learning Festival resources to my attention.  I also enjoy listening to Stephen Heppell’s thoughts, so it was great all round!

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