New Feature added to Intranet

In addition Technoblog links being added to our Intranet today, we have also included on the Whole School Programming page a copy of the program and timetable checklists.

Some people may remember these being used by your team leader last year to check the essential elements and requirements of your compliant teaching and learning program.

These are now available for your own reference in the lead-up to program submissions next week.  Stage Team Leaders may also print a copy of the checklists for their use with teachers’ programs.

New Feature Added to Intranet

Today the Administration page for staff went live on the Intranet.  At present it includes the list of Areas of Responsibility, as well as the current draft of the CEO’s Directory of Services, so you can find the contact details of the person or school you need.

Other resources will be uploaded once they are available, such as the list of Core Learning Teams for 2007.

Again, if you have any ideas for what could be added to the Admin page, or any part of the Intranet, just let Nathan or I know.

New Feature added to Intranet

Today we uploaded a new link on the Intranet to the Echoing the Word site, to which the school now have a subscription.

The link is accessible through Staff > Teaching and Learning > Religious Education. Also there is a link to usernames and passwords in case you no longer have copy given out last week.

If you have any other suggestions of features that could be included on the Intranet, please let Robert or Nathan know.